254 x 102 x 22 UB

254 x 102 x 22 UB


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Steel Universal beams are a very important part of our product range, these are also known as Rsj beams . We stock a great range of sizes to make sure clients have the product in the quickest manner possible. These can be arranged to be cut to requirements of your most important projects. We also paint these in a good quality paint with many microns.

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1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2100mm, 2200mm, 2300mm, 2400mm, 2500mm, 2600mm, 2700mm, 2800mm, 2900mm, 3000mm, 3100mm, 3200mm, 3300mm, 3400mm, 3500mm, 3600mm, 3700mm, 3800mm, 3900mm, 4000mm, 4100mm, 4200mm, 4300mm, 4400mm, 4500mm, 4600mm, 4700mm, 4800mm, 4900mm, 5000mm, 5100mm, 5200mm, 5300mm, 5400mm, 5500mm, 5600mm, 5700mm, 5800mm, 5900mm, 6000mm, 6100mm, 6200mm, 6300mm, 6400mm, 6500mm, 6600mm, 6700mm, 6800mm, 6900mm, 7000mm


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