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Bolt-On Balconies

Steel Balconies and Bolt-on Balconies Essex, Kent, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex

As part of the complete envelope solution for the residential sector, we are able to provide a design, supply and installation service which includes bolt-on balconies. Generally units are designed to be fabricated off-site. This means that when they arrive on site, the balconies are already assembled complete with balustrades (glazed or metal), decking and associated sheet metalwork, and are ready to be installed to pre-fixed thermally-isolated structural connections.

In detail, Bolt-On Balconies are steel-framed structure bolted on to the building. Balconies can be cantilever or self-supporting with a timber or open mesh deck. All bolt on balcony systems offer a range of decking and balustrade options. We are able to help clients with any requirements for steel or Bolt on Balconies in Essex, Kent, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex and any other areas further afield, even nationwide.

To date, we have undertaken a variety of projects large and small and overseen the entire process, ensuring time and time again each project has a seamless supply and installation process.